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SuhoBr and ChenUnionBR prepare for you custom shirts of our beloved leader and vocal main fondly! We started this project to help us raise money for their birthdays and we count on your help! With the amount collected, we’ll buy gifts for the boys and we will also make donations to public institutions. If you want to buy one of the shirts (or even two) or do a group order, complete the steps below and our form and wait for our return.


‼ The unit value of the shirt is 15 USD!


1.1 – The deadline for applications and payment is from March 1st to 20th until 11PM (BRT: UTC – 3)
1.2 – The manufacture and delivery will be made between March 21st and April 10th.
*It is expected that their application arrives after April 10! This deadline refers to the day we have to post your product at the Post Office.


2.1 – All packages will be recorded and you will receive a tracking code.
2.2 – The amount of freight is not increased in value! Look for our international freight table HERE and check your region!


3.1 – Payment will be made via PayPal ONLY in US dollars!
ㅤ3.1.1 – The email for payment is
ㅤ3.1.2 – Remember! The unit value of the shirt is 15 USD!
3.2 – After you have made your payment, please fill out our form to confirm your purchase.
3.3 – After March 20th, if your payment has been confirmed, we will ship your order for clothing and as soon as we receive, we will send to the address you provided us on our form.
3.4 – Remember! The amount of freight is not added to the value of the shirts said bellow, remember to check our intl freight table.


4.1 – The shirt is LIGHT gray tone! It has V-neck and is in babylook model
4.2 – Illustrative image of the shirt HERE
4.3 – You can see a more real way how is this model in the body for this PHOTO
4.4 – We have male models!
4.5 – Babylook shirt female measures HERE (Measurements made in centimeters!)
4.6 – Male measures are the basic shirt size


4.1 – Be free to open a Group Order in your country. Gather as many people who want to buy and fill only ONE form and sent all over the value of the order at once.
4.2 – Check our form HERE and fill carefully.
4.3 – We will send an e-mail for confirmation of the name, order and delivery address.
4.4 – Once the object is posted at the post office, we will send a tracking code.



Thank you for participating in this project with us! Let’s help our boys and support them on their birthdays with love ♥


Team SuhoBr and ChenUnionBR

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